Saturday, June 28, 2008

New knee picture.

Finally got some batteries into the camera. I just took this new picture of Jacob's knee today. As you can see the swelling is way down. The knee cap is showing at the top as well as the bottom in the left knee. The knee itself still appears larger because of the boney overgrowth form the arthritis. I think the left leg is still a little longer than the right too. This happens as the body tries to compensate from the inflammation. The joint becomes overactive in it's growth. Supposedly this should even out. It did last time after he had gone into remission.
It will take time though.


Dana said...

Hey Joanne!

No, we didn't get the email. When is it?!?!

Dana :)

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that Jacob is doing better. Time is an amazing healer! I hope you continue to have a wonderful summer. Jacob, remember to use that "magic marble" I gave you whenever you feel the need. I think about you each day and am thrilled to read about your progress. Love, Mrs. Corbett

Jacob's Mom said...

Thank you Mrs. Corbett for your thoughts. That magic marble means a lot to him. He will always keep it close to his heart. Thank You!

Joanne and Jacob