Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Juvenile arthritis awareness

One thing that I have noticed since beginning this journey is that there are not many people who are aware that children get arthritis. There are approximately 300,000 kids who are affected by this disease. This week I have ordered the car magnet that says kids get arthritis too, I have joined the Boston Arthritis walk that will be held in September. (donation link on the side:)) and I have contacted our local newspaper to see if they would run an juvenile arthritis awareness article.
The newspaper is coming by tomorrow for the interview! Stay tuned! I am hoping this little bit, that I am doing, I can somehow make people more aware of this disease. We need continued research and availability of care for all these kids who are affected. Every little bit counts, right?

Tomorrow Humira shot #2. Hopefully I can pull it off. Wish me luck!


LEslie Bradner said...

I know you will do great with the shot. You can both do this!!!

Good for you in raising awareness. Anything we can do to get the word out there about this disease is a positive!! WAY TO GO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read in the lowell sun Joann. Thats a great idea that way more people will be aware. :)