Sunday, May 17, 2009

Humira rash

The last few injections of Humira that I have given Jacob, have been causing a reaction. After the shot the area swells like an egg immediately, and then a rash appears. The medication does state that swelling and a rash are common side effects. I am just wondering why now, when he wasn't getting one before.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Two different kids, from two different states: One rare disease

Yesterday Jacob had a follow-up at Dr. Foster's. The appointment was all but routine for one special reason. Yesterday we met our blogging friends Amy and Jenna. Jenna is five years old and is fighting uveitis and Jra just like Jacob. Jenna and her mom come from Maine to see the same eye doctor that we see here in Massachusetts. We have both been seeing this doctor but had never had coordinating appointments. Amy and I have become friends online, as we have supported each other through our children's illnesses. It was great being able to meet them finally!!
Jacob's eye's continue to do well. There is no sign of inflammation. His cataract remains stable. The only change this visit is that his eye pressure in his left eye is 20. His right eye continues to be around 17.

I called about his blood work yesterday while there and all was normal but his sed rate has gone from zero to 28. The sed rate is a marker for inflammation in his body. For whatever reason it is up this time, I hope it goes down next month!

Please check out The web page of our friend Mia, who went in for cortisone injections and knee draining yesterday. Mia is in an awful flare up and hopefully will get some much needed relief from the procedure yesterday.
Please check out Jenna's and Mia's updates on their blogs. The links are on the left.