Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 2012

Finally got in to see the Rheumatologist since jacob's arthritis flared. He has had 2 injections of Humira since I last spoke with his doctor. His knee has improved quite a bit. There was only some fluid present. It is still stiff for him, but its getting better. He still has swelling in a couple toes. It concerns me because they do not bend at one of the joints. We also found out the details of the recent hip MRI. The arthritis is only mild in both hips, and It has changed some since the last MRI a year ago, but there is no bone damage. That was great news! The mri also showed the lymphnodes in the hip are inflamed as well. The doctor said that can happen with the synovitis. So the plan is we continue the Humira and return in 3mo. Jacob did have a bunch of labs drawn so hopefully they are okay.