Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eye appointment

This past week Jacob had his follow-up with Dr. Foster. His eyes are still free from inflammation.
This was such great news considering he was off his meds 3x in the last couple of months due to sickness. I guess this is hope that once we start weaning him off his meds this summer his eyes will hold. Jacob has definitely gotten used to going so frequently to the eye doctor. I and him, used to dread the appointments so much. He was so anxious to have the glaucoma/pressure tests done. He used to fight it and get so upset. Don't get me wrong he doesn't love it, but he will agree to do it. The slit lamp exams used to be a little difficult too, he is a pro now! January 22, 2008 was the day he was diagnosed. He has come such a long way! Six more weeks for the follow-up.
*the picture is Jacob sitting outside the doctor's office in Cambridge.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rheumatology and orthopedic appointment(and ANOTHER infection)

Today Jacob had a rheumatology and orthopedic appointment.

Jacob has been really sick the last 5 days with a high fever. I took him to the pedi a couple of days ago and the doctor said he has some type of virus. His temp has been between 104-105 the last five days. He woke today again with a temp of 104.5. I decided to keep his appointments in Boston in the hopes that his rheumatologist would know what was going on.

His throat looked horrible again all white, he has some type of infection going on. The rheumatologist said all of his joints looked great. She ran a bunch of blood tests. I haven't heard any results yet. She did put him on Zithromax for 10 days though. So that means no JRA meds again until the antibiotic is finished.

The orthopedic did xrays of jake's legs and spine again. His leg bones were off about 6 cm?? I think. His spine scoliosis hasn't changed. He will just need a 6 month follow-up with him.

Once again, the fun of being immune suppressed.