Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bad Day!

Jacob woke this morning at about 4AM with severe stomach pain. He couldn't fall asleep because of the pain. By 8 AM we were on the way out the door and he vomitted outside the car. So back in we came. I was very nervous because he had been completely fine last night. All I could think of was the Humira. I paged the rheumatologist and told him what was happening. He didn't think it was a side effect of the Humira. I called the school to report him absent and spoke to the nurse she said there were a few kids sent home with stomach issues. I am thinking this may be a virus. He is having so much pain though. He hasn't left the bed since we came back in the house. I spoke to the ped. doctor also and they said just wait it out. This has been a very long, exhausting week! One more day of school for the kids. I am hoping he doesn't miss his last day.


Dana said...

Hi Joanne -

Thank you for the recent post. I've been away on vacation with our family, but have returned now and just recently read Jacob's story. That's funny that our kids have the same rheumatologist. :)

Question for you...have you ever tried a gluten-free diet or had him tested for food allergies? I have had several moms email me saying they, too, have put their kids on gluten-free diets and since then they have seen less flare ups and joint pain has decreased since their kids have been on it.

Also, another thing that has really helped Mia is Carlson Norweigian Cod Liver Oil (lemon flavored). She takes a tsp. every morning and we have seen HUGE improvements since she's been on it. She used to drag her left leg and her knee was the size of a tennis ball before she started the oil. She hasn't had any flare ups since she been on it either.

Just a few suggestions of what has have worked for us. From what it sounds like, Jacob has a more severe case of JRA, but perhaps this could help?!?