Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Awareness Video

Jacob's Journey on Video
To hear the song, you have to scroll down and pause the song on here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Jacob had his 2 month eye check today. His eyes remain clear!! All looked great today. Pressures were great also. I think he has been off drops now for 3 YEARS!! The Humira is
working well. He is still completely off methotrexate. Jacob did complain of his knee hurting when he got home from school yesterday. When I just asked him how he is feeling this afternoon he said he is fine and "resting his knee". He insists it is fine, but he wants to rest it. hmm When he does complain of pain, I know it must be bad. I think he has a very high pain tolerence. I suppose it's a good thing, it doesn't slow him down often.

The pic is of Jacob and his younger brother, who wanted to come along today. After the ride in traffic to Boston today he said he will go to school next time. haha

Praying all of our kids are feeling well today!