Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 1, 2013
Remicade begins. We had hoped that it would not come to this, but it has.
Jacob officially failed Humira, not only with his eyes, but also his joints too.
We will be going for these infusions every four weeks for at least the next
two years. We can only pray he goes into a medicated remission again.
Below is a picture of his knees yesterday morning. His left knee is very visably
swollen and has been very stiff and sore. He has been having difficulty getting moving after
he has been sitting or laying down for a while. Please pray the Remicade
does its magic and he doesn't need to have his knee injected and drained, and his eyes clear, and
he can get off these drops asap! He really doesn't want to be looking at cataract surgery.