Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cells present again!

We had an appointment with Dr Foster today. This appointment was on an 8 week follow up. Jacob has been off the steroid drops for the pst 8 weeks. I was very worried today about going. This appointment was going to be huge, to see if the MTX has kept his eyes clear. They were not. Both eyes were involved again. They both has a cell count of 1+. The eyes are in a flare. The MTX isn't doing what it is supposed to be doing. I am very discouraged and worried. I had assumed everthing would be alright because his uveitis was considered to not be as difficult to treat because he is a male. I was wrong. I think I know now that we are in for a long road to save his vision. Dr Foster wants us to see the rheumatologist next week to dicuss what is next. He suggested putting him on an additional med, another immune suppressor, or upping the MTX which means he will move on to an injection. We wait now for another week as this disease wrecks havoc on his eyes.

Jacob's knee is also not doing as well as it had been. He is having a really bad flare today. His knee was very sore today and he was limping all day. The knee was even more hot than usual. I think the cortisone shot is in the near future.


LEslie Bradner said...

Such a cute picture of Jacob. Praying for his knee and uveitis. Hang in there. You are doing a great job.

Erika said...

I am learning so much from reading your blog & appreciate you sharing the journey.... My daughter is 2.5 & has been battling uveitis & we went & saw Foster last month. She is on 10mg of MTX a week (sub-q injection) & monthly remicade infusions. He likes that cocktail for her & suggests we stay on it for 2 years so it doesnt rear its ugly head again (she's had inflammation for 7 months). We started out with the cortisone to the joints, 2 in november, 2 in December but when we couldnt get the eyes under cotnrol, that's when we went on the MTX & tried a pulse of methylpred that didnt do anything either/that's when we went on remicade (April).

ANYWHOO! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, his battle, my thoughts are with Jacob & your family & I am a faithful reader & appreciate your journey. Love, Erika mom to Charlotte (Pausi-JIA, Uveitis)