Wednesday, April 28, 2010


All is looking good! We return in 6 weeks. If all is still clear then we can start to wean Jacob off of methotrexate. This June will be the 2 year mark of him being "cell free".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

long time for an update

I really need to update my winter theme on this blog. I will hopefully get to do that soon!

Jacob has been doing pretty well. Not too much has changed. We still continue to see the pediatric rheumatologist every 3 months and the eye doctor every 6 weeks. We saw the rheumatologist last week. She said overall he is doing great. She did say though that his toes looked a little swollen. I had noticed his toes red off/on but didn't think too much of it. She did say there was a little inflammation there. They are not bothering him at all though, which is a good thing. She said that we could maybe look into weaning him off the methotrexate if all stays calm, sometime this summer.

This coming Wednesday, Jacob has an appointment with the eye doctor. I am hoping for no surprises. This month we have had to delay the meds because he was put on antibiotics for an infection. He is late on both meds by a couple of weeks. The last time we had to miss meds he had a few cells in one of his eyes. They cleared right away once we started back meds.

I will update on Wednesday after the eye appointment.