Friday, June 20, 2008

School is over and the first day of summer is here!

The last morning of packing up school bags and looking for lunch money. Well, at least for a little while. The day was especially sad for Jacob today. The first thing he even said this morning was that he was going to miss his teacher terribly. I was so glad he was feeling better so he could make it into school. I was able to walk him up to his classroom. It was very sad saying good bye to Mrs. Corbett. She said she happened to read his blog last night before I gave her the card. OOps.. I should of waited to post that! It was nice to be able to thank her personally though.
Before I left the school this morning I was able to talk to the school nurse, Ann. Ann has been a blessing through this entire ordeal. We are so lucky to have her in the school. While Jacob was on the eye drops she kept schedule of the times he needed them in school. She was such a big help when he came back to school in March after his knee surgery. He had physical and mental challenges after the surgery. She kept right on top of his condition. While we were talking today about Jacob's new medication, Humira, I had told her about the difficult time he had with the injection. I told her how I will be the one to do the injection at home now. She actually offered to come over and do it for us! I may take her up on it. At least for the first one at home. Thank you Ann!

So far so good with the Humira. Jacob had his Methotrexate tonight also. It has been nice to stop the indocin (anti-inflammatory). We were able to stop that when the Humira was started. Yay 2 less pills a day! Hopefully the stomach bug or what ever it is is completely gone. I can't even imagine how bad his immune system is suppressed now with both of those meds together. Scary! It is not a good feeling giving your baby thes toxic meds!


Erika said...

OH wow, Ann is awesome! How great is that? I wish I had Ann in my neighborhood for weekly methotrexate! What a sweet, sweet woman!

When's your next appt at Fosters? Next week?

Jacob's Mom said...

The appointment is 3 weeks from Wednesday! I am not sure of the date.