Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time to taper off methotrexate!!

We went into Boston this week for Jacob's 3 month rheumatology appointment. Jacob continues to do very well. All of his joints look great! He is still having a little bit of stiffness in his 2nd toes on both feet. They do not bend as well as they should. The doctor said that those toes may stay that way. They do not bother him at all. We have decided to try to wean down on Jacob's methotrexate dose and see how he does. Rather than reduce the number of pills he takes, we are going to give the med every other week. Jacob has missed quite a few doses of meds in the past, and had no flare as a result. So hopefully this should keep things stable. We will continue this schedule until we see her again in September.

During this visit we also saw Jacob's orthopaedic doctor. He is still being followed for the leg length discrepancy as well as the scoliosis. Every six months his back and legs are xrayed to see how his growth has affected this. He is remaining stable.