Thursday, November 15, 2012

Remission is offically over

Jacob is restarting Humira tomorrow. He has been off of it since May of this year and his joints are starting to flare. Right now he has a stiff, swollen knee and a recent MRI shows that he has active arthritis in both of his hips as well. After speaking with the pediatric rheumatologist on call yesterday, we were told to start the Humira immediately. Last week he went for a recheck of his eyes too and he is still having trace cells. He had been off steroid eye drops for two weeks. It would of been okay to follow his eyes a little longer, but with the joints starting to swell there is no more waiting. So back on meds he goes. We see his rheumatologist in a few weeks, so we will see how things are looking then. Hopefully the knee swelling goes down and he won't need joint injections.
                                               You can see the swelling in his left knee