Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Humira treatment begins

I am very excited to say the new medication that Jacob has been put on has been approved by our health Insurance! The medication costs an unbelievable $1800.00! Our copay is only $6.00! The medication was over nighted and delivered yesterday. Today was the first injection. I had to dismiss Jacob from school today a little early because the pediatrician's office had to do the first injection. Jacob was very nervous to do the injection. He was fine until we pulled into the parking lot. It took a while to get him out of the car. When he finally got out of the car he refused to go into the office. I went in to let them know I couldn't get him to come in. A nurse at the office named Mary came out to help. What a wonderful, caring nurse! She sat outside talking to him for a while and even told him if he was more comfortable he could have it in the car or on the bench. Jacob was still crying and upset. She left me alone with him and I finally convinced him to go into the office. Mary gave him a hug and said she would be very careful. She put on the lidocaine that I brought. Jacob finally gave in and let her do the injection. It stung but he did it!! He and I were very relieved. She gave him a high five and he said thank you very much! So he said it wasn't too bad. Now in two more weeks I have to do the next injection at home. I don't know how that will go. HE says he will be okay with it. Mary told us if we wanted to she could do it for us at the office again. I may take her up on it.

As far as the joints.. Jacob is still limping with the knee issues. He has also complained about his ankles hurting badly. He is walking a little funny. I am hoping for a miracle that the humira will help this too. Four more weeks from today to see the eye doctor.


Anna said...

Yay for insurance! I'm so glad he calmed down enough, finally. Poor kid.