Friday, May 16, 2008

rheumatolgy appointment

We saw Jacob's Rheumatolgist this week. The progress has been slow but it is progress. The knee is much less "angry". The medications are doing their job. The swelling is better. The doctor said it is not where it needs to be but his is going to follow it for 4 more weeks. THe cortisone shot is still not out of the question. The knee is still in a slight contracture. Physical therapy still needs to continue. The only med change is that instead of the folic acid he is switched over to Leucovorin. Which he will take on Tues. Weds, and Thurs. This med is an MTX rescue drug. It will bind to the left over MTX that is in his system. It is just another type of folic acid, I guess. So over all baby steps but at least he is coming out of this. He is on the way to medication remission.