Friday, February 29, 2008

Cortisone we thought

Yesterday, Jacob went in to Floating Hospital to have his Rheumatologist do a cortisone shot in his knee. Jake had to go under anesthesia for the injection and the draining of the fluid. We had arrived at Floatong at 12:00. Jacob had not ate anything all day because of the anesthesia. We checked in and saw the nurse. The nurse put a numbing cream on his hand to help with the IV. At about 2:00 he was brought back into the OR. I was able to be with him until he went under. Jake did not do to well with putting the IV in. It was heartbreaking to see him so scared and in pain. The procedure seemed rather quick. After it was done we followed the doctors into the recovery room. Dr. Lopez said that he wasn't able to do the injection because when he was draining the fluid there was blood in it!! He wasn't sure on why that would be. He said that it could be a possibiltiy that he hit a nerve going in. Or that he wasn't in the proper place. He also wondered if there was something going on besides the arthritis. He asked if Jacob had a trauma to the knee. My husband and I could not recall an incident. The doctor decided that he would order an MRI of the knee. This will be done next Wednesday at Floating. The MRI will rule out any trauma or anything else.

When Jacob woke from the anesthesia he was so happy that he did it! He was so brave. He said now that it's all done I will feel so much better. I was so heartbroken to have to tell him that after all he went through, that nothing was done! He was so upset that he wasn't going to feel any different. He was actually in more pain then he started with because of the poking around.

Sometime later that night, Jacob asked me if we could let the doctor try it again. After all he went through, he wanted to go back again to get rid of the pain he has.

It has been one long week. Next week we will be looking forward to seeing what is going on with the MRI. Oh, did I mention he will have to go through the IV again for the contrast during the MRI? The MRI is also scheduled at 8PM on a school night.
The next morning he has practice MCAS exams. He will be far from rested to take those!