Friday, February 22, 2008

Methotrexate therapy begins

Today is Friday February 22nd.... Last day of school vacation. Been kind of an exhausting week. Lots of stuff running through my head. I gave JAcob his first dose of the Methotrexate. At about 2:30. He took the four pills like a trooper. I have explained to him that he may not feel too well for a little while on them. It is about 6:45 pm right now. His little nose and cheeks are a little red. The pharmacist said that I may notice a little flushed skin tonight. Yup! Other than that he is doing okay. I don't really think too much will happen on the starting dose. Although, who knows. I will be watching him very carefully! Oh, the rheumatologist called back a little while ago. The cortisone injection is on Thursday. At 2:00!! The poor kid will be starving. He can't eat because of the anesthesia. So on Tuesday he has the eye appointment with Dr. Foster, then Thursday that. Should be a busy week. It's tough trying to do all this an work too! On Tuesday I am working a half day then I have to take off Thursday for the injection!


MitchB said...

Hey Joanne: Hope the joint injections go smoothly! Amanda had some pretty good results with them. If I can answer any questions about that or uveitis, let me know!