Thursday, February 21, 2008

First post: The initial knee troubles

January 2004... Jacob just celebrated his 5 birthday on December 27. It was a cold January when we decided to plan a trip to the warm beaches of sunny Florida. We took a quick trip to Disney while we were there. The trip as I remember was a great time! Jacob and his big brother Andrew had the time of their life. It was then that my husband and I noticed something different about Jacob. He had begun to skip a lot. We thought it was cute.

Sometime after we had returned home Jacob had picked up another cold from his pre school. He didn't seem too well so I decided we better take him to the doctor for a quick check.

While we were there I had mentioned to the doctor that he had been limping around. I had actually thought maybe when I was putting on his shoe the other day, I could of twisted something in his knee. The doctor looked at his knee and saw that there was indeed swelling.

He then ran some bloodwork.

That was the day our life would change. The bloodwork, which I am not too sure on the specific tests, indicated that he had some immune response to something going on with his knee. I do remember that his sed rate was not normal and that he tested positive for the ANA test.

We were referred to a Pediatric Rheumatolgist at Floating hospital in Boston.