Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Follow-up with Dr. Foster(eye doctor)

February 26th, 2008

We just had our 2 week follow-up with Dr. Foster in Cambridge. We had some great news today. Dr. Foster said that Jake's eye's were clear of all cells today! We informed him that we started on the Methotrexate this past Friday. Jacob is getting to be a pro at all of this! He even sat still for the awful glaucoma test. He does not like the feel of the numbing drops. His eye pressures were up to 24 in both eyes today. I guess anything between 10 and 20 is considered normal. The doctor said his eyes could handle this because he is young. It does need to be watched closely though. The new plan is going to be maintaining the drops at 6x a day through next week. Then tapering down a drop each week. This should bring us to the next appointment which is in 5 weeks. As far as I can understand he will be weaned slowly to see if the cells creep back up and it will give the Methotrexate time to kick in. His vision actually improved to 20/25 today. Which I think is normal for him. So as far as the Methotrexate goes... I think he may be slightly tired more than usual. And today he was not feeling well in the car on the way home from Cambridge. He had never been car sick before so I wonder if it is a little from the drug. Over all not too much will slow him down. He was still going full speed tonight(a school night) at 10:30PM!!!