Friday, March 7, 2008

MRI results

Jacob had an MRI Done on Wednesday night. It went well for him. He was very glad to not have the dye injection. Even though the doctor had it on the order the tech said they never use the dye for a knee MRI . The doctor finally called tonight about the results. They were not good. I couldn't understand totally what the doctor was saying. What I did get out of it was that the synovial membrane in the the joint was very swollen. There was excess tissue which accounted for the bleeding when the doctor tried to drain the fluid. The doctor described the joint as very angry. He said that Jacob will need surgery. A procedure called a synovectomy needs to be done. A synovectomy is done with arthroscopic surgery, it removes all of the membrane and diseased tissue. This is going to be done by a Dr. Braun. who is an orthopedic doctor. A consult is scheduled for March 20th.

As for how Jacob is feeling... He still hasn't slowed down. The knee is still bothering him quite a bit. He never says, but I can see how he avoids using whenever possible. The knee still looks very swollen and still hot. I can't believe we have to go another almost 2 weeks for the consult.

As far as the eye drops are going we are down to 5x a day. This Sunday we will drop to four. We have never seen any signs of any eye problems. That is the scary part about the uveitis. By the time we see Dr. Foster on April 3, he will be down to one drop a day. I will be anxious to see if his eyes remained clear.

Tonight, Jacob also started the increased dose of Methotrexate. He is now on 17.5 mgs. Seven little pills tonight! His bloodwork results came back normal today so we were able to start this dose tonight.