Friday, February 22, 2008

Rheumatologist visit

It is now February 20th. The day we see Dr. Lopez to prescribe the methotrexate. The appointment went as expected. Jacob's knee which is still hurting him, was first to be looked at. His knee was still swollen, not as bad as it was in January. It is still hot to touch. We told Dr. Lopez that Jacob has been not too active. He has chosen to sit out at gym class in school. He has been defintely avoiding use of the leg whenever he can. When the doctor looked over the swelling he could see that the leg wasn't able to lay as flat as the other one. Dr. Lopez suggested that we schedule a cortisone injection. The injection will have to be under general anesthsia. Jacob does not love the thought of needles, so just as well not to traumatize him. The doctor is going to get back to us on the day and time. Physical therapy will be needed also to get the leg to straighten out.

Oh ya..the methotrexate..chemo He has given a prescription for 4 tablets of 2.5 mgs that will be started on Friday. He is to take the 4 pills for two Fridays in a row. Then bloodwork to see how his body(all 62 pds of it) is tolerating it. They will be following the blood very closely to watch for liver problems, white blood cells, etc.... The doctor gave us some more info on the side effects. They will mainly be stomach issues for the first couple of the days and then tiredness...just in time for the school week.