Friday, February 22, 2008

Off to the Rheumatologist...

Sometime, I think, In February of 2004, We started seeing Dr. Jorge Lopez at Floating hospital for children. Dr. Lopez had examined Jacob and ordered more bloodwork and xrays of his knees.
The diagnosis came: Jacob has PauciArticular Juvenile arthritis. This type of arthritis means that he has fewer than four joints involved. It appeared that both of his knees were affected as well as a few of his fingers. Jacob was then put on Naproxyn for the inflammation and pain. Physical therapy was then started also. We don't know how long he had the arthritis but we figured sometime during his 4th year of age.His left leg had been quite a bit shorter than his right and he could not straighten it out all the way.

After the diagnosis things seem to get worse quick. Jacob was enrolled in pre-school at the time. Getting up in the morning was very difficult. He was very stiff. We had tried to have him soak in a bath to help get things moving. Big brother Andrew, who was seven at the time, was such a great help to his little brother. I was pregnant with my third son and wasn't able to lift Jacob very well, so Andrew used to help out by giving Jacob "piggy backs" into school.

By around May of 2004, the knees were not responding very well to the current treatment. Dr. Lopez decided that it was time to do cortisone injections. This needed to be done under a general anesthesia.

At follow-up, a huge success! The knee joints looked awesome!! Jacob had no longer complained of pain in his knees or his fingers! Dr. Lopez suggested follow-up and weaning of the medication.
One more suggestion, he said we needed strict follow-up with Jacob's opthamologist.

Ahh, the opthamologist... Jacob had initially been diagnosed ANA + and PAUCIARTICULAR JRA. This had left him prone to the eye disease Uveitis. We continued to have the frequent eye exams but had been negative for the condition. As of 2006 Jacob had been symptom free from all effects of the arthritis. He may of had a short bout of it, but could he of outgrown it??

Dr. Lopez put him on a 18mo follow-up. We saw the opthamologist about 6months later. They eyes were clear also. That was February of 2007. The opthamologist put him on a year recall. I at this time, knowing what I know now about the dreaded eye disease uveitis, that the opthamologist should of kept him on a 6 month follow-up.

We are now in January of 2008....