Saturday, November 8, 2008

Online friends, and many thanks to

I just made a comment on the article on ABC news thanking them. These kinds of things can help contribute to raising awareness in our fight against Juvenile arthritis. The Internet has been a blessing to find information and to find friends who are battling this disease also. It always helps to hear what others are going through. Another Mom in Oregon named Erika has a daughter named Charlotte. This is a picture of sweet Charlotte.

Charlotte is an inspiration to all the kids who are fighting Uveitis/JIA. She endures so much in her battle. Friends like these are great support. Even though we only get to talk online it is so helpful! Check out Charlotte's journey on the right side of my blog. Erika and I will continue to blog in the hopes that it helps someone out there find answers in their journey. We along with other parents will continue to raise the awareness in our childrens disease. It may help that parent who is told "it's only growing pains" to seek another opinion. Arthritis is real and can do damage if it is not treated in it's early stage.


Erika said...

Amen, it helps to hear, share & learn from others! Thank you for sharing Jacob!!! I found you when I googled uveitis! And NOW look!? You are tryign to talk me into a WA DC vacation :) AHAHAHAHAH!! And I am telling you to get a leaf blower & giving you geographical lessons on my community :) AHAHAHAHHA!!!! Have a great week Warrior Mom!