Friday, November 21, 2008

Doctors, doctors and more doctor appointments!

Seriously, I have had it with the running to doctors this week!

Today I picked Jacob up at school at 3:00 sure enough the fever was back! I was going to take him for his monthly blood work but with the fever I figured it was better to get him checked out too because tonight is his Methotrexate dosing. We ended up at the office for about an hour and a half. The doctor checked him first he has a lot of upper respiratory issues. She sent him up for his labs. Jacob surprisingly did well with tonight. Then we had to wait to make sure his counts were all okay. Everything came back within normal range but his sed rate was elevated. This can mean he is flaring with the arthritis. It wasn't too high so I am not going to hit the floor or anything. But this may explain the wrist soreness he was complaining about. The doctor said that we should maybe hold off on the Methotrexate tonight and let his body fight the virus.

I had to page the rheumatologist once again today. The third time in a week. EEKS she knows my voice now. Last night after Jacob's shot he was in the tub and a rash was all over his thigh, on the injection leg. Looking back, a few weeks ago he had a rash on his thigh that he was complaining of. The rheumatologist said it may be from the Humira. It is a side effect but not to be too concerned as long as it disappears!

These kids are a full time job. I somehow manage to work 3 days outside the house too!

The weekend is here! I am praying for quiet and no doctor appointments!