Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ahh a quiet Saturday..

well besides the boys fighting. Jacob woke up today feeling a little better. We had an early start to the day at the movies. We met with the girls I work with, at 8:30 AM to see the movie Bolt. A local dental office that my dental office refers patients too rented out the movie theatre and we all got to go for free! We had free donuts, bagels, juice and coffee too. The movie was terrific! We had a great time.

After the movie Jacob had his basketball try-outs. Last year during the beginning of basketball is when his arthritis flare began. He attempted the first game of the season and was limping so badly he had to be pulled out. We tried to give him rests frequently, and even had a chair on the side of the court to have him sit on when he was off the court instead of sitting on the floor. He was so embarrassed to be sitting there. He didn't want to attempt anymore games because of the fear of his knee hurting. I didn't want to push him either. I have always let him decide what he can and cannot do. He knows his own limits. So he is back at basketball again this year. He is looking forward to the season starting. I am looking forward to seeing my son run up and down the court like every other parent watching their child.


Amy Cunningham said...

Poor guy. So sad he couldn't finish the season. Did he make the team this year? I pray that he makes it through!!

Jacob's Mom said...

He will be on a team. They all play at this age, no cuts from the team. He is looking forward to it!