Monday, November 17, 2008


This morning Daniel, my 4 year old, woke up in tears saying his leg hurt and he couldn't walk. Maybe three times in the last month or so he has woken up saying his leg hurt. I had been just trying to make nothing out of it and ignoring the symptom. Because it can't be you know what. Today was different, he was in so much pain. I couldn't ignore it any longer. Jacob's arthritis started at the same exact age Danny is now. So today I started to worry that it may be that. I brought Daniel into the pedi this morning. He had bloodwork and the doctor checked his hip. When she bent his leg up Daniel started to cry. She watched him try to walk. He wouldn't. She called the orthopedic oncall at the hospital. He wanted us to meet him at the hospital. The bloodwork came back with his sed rate at 10. His ANA is yet to come back.

The orthopedic took a look at Daniel's hip. They took xrays. Nothing showed on the xrays. The orthopedic said that it may have to do with the virus he had a few weeks ago. It may of settled in Dan's hip. It is called toxic synovitis. But he is not sure. I told him that This isn't the first time he has woke up stiff and in pain. The doctor was saying that children usually have their Rheumatoid Factor positive for the diagnosis ot JRA. I am not sure if they even ran that test. Jacob's RF is negative. As in MOST children with jra. The orthopedic doctor thought otherwise. As of right now we are giong to watch Daniel for the next couple of days. And wait on the ANA test to come back. I know with JAcob his ANA has been negative and his sed rate low, when his knee was the size of a softball! I know bloodwork is only a help in diagnosing. The doctor said by the end of the week if there is no improvement he will order an MRI. Which will have to be under sedation.(FUN)

This afternoon Dan seems to be doing better. The mornings have been when he has had the trouble. Sound familier.. I am praying that this is a fluke and just reminent of the virus. They say it is uncommon for siblings to be affected. I have heard of some family's that have more than one child affected. I may if this continues, make an appointment with the rheumatologist to have him checked. Just to be sure!


Lesli said...

Joanne, I am so sorry to hear that about Daniel. I hope everything turns out okay and it is not you know what! Is his knee hot? I was told that the RF factor has nothing to do with the diagnosis of JRA by my PR. My insurance company wanted a copy of Ayla's RF, which my doc was upset about because he said it had nothing to do with the diagnosis. Ayla is negative for RF and ANA. I was surprised to hear that Jacob is ANA negative as well. I thought for sure he was positive because of his uveitis.
I know you must be terribly worried about Daniel. It is only natural after going through everything you have been through. I will keep you guys in my prayers, just hang in there and be strong.
Oh, I tried again today to post Ayla's story on the website and it is still saying the same thing about having five posts to post a url/website. I dont know what I am doing wrong! Hopefully one of these days I will figure it you! Please keep me posted about Daniel.


Amy Cunningham said... scary. Oh I so pray for you guys that it's just from the virus. Follow your Mom gut. PLEASE let us know as soon as you know something!