Friday, August 1, 2008

just a little update

Jacob has still been doing pretty well. The only issue we had was he fell off his skateboard yesterday, right on his knee. It is bruised and a little swollen. I do notice it is slightly hot to touch. The thing with having Juvenile arthritis is that an injury can trigger a flare. Jacob being nine, has no fear of the what if's if he hurts himself. I worry about him falling on the knee but you can't hold a kid back. Why hold him back? This is his childhood. I am watching that knee though. Hopefully it will turn out to be nothing.

On a different note, Jacob has completed his first week of summer school. He is enjoying it. I am very grateful that he is able to do this. After such a hard last few months of school dealing with his arthritis, he needs a review. The summer school should get him good and ready for 4th grade!