Thursday, August 28, 2008

"a little fluid around his knee"

That is what Dr. Lopez told us today. I am not sure how to take that. He hasn't mentioned any fluid in last few visits. I think it means that there is still activity going on in the left knee. I had noticed last night that it did feel a little squishy. What that says is that he is not completely free of inflammation. I believe if he wasn't on meds right now he would have a big flare up. The meds are keeping it under control to this point. I told Dr. Lopez he is still favoring the leg and I can tell it is still bothering him. The doctor asked how many of the Humira shots he has received so far, of course I don't remember, I am thinking about six. The other joints checked out well today.

AS far as the back issues.. He said that the scoliosis is still only mild and he isn't too concerned about it yet. He measured the length of his hip to his ankles. He is about 1 cm off. He will be following it closely.

The next appointment will be at the end of October. The doctor wants me to contact him if anything comes up in the meantime, including the eye appointment if there is a change.