Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Humira shot # ????

I just gave Jacob him Humira shot. I am not sure how many I have given so far. I can say each time I do it, it is no easier than the first time. He is anxious, I am anxious. I still feel like I have no qualifications to give my child a medication of so much importance, via a needle. On the directions it says that I must pull back on the syriange after injecting to see if any blood is aspirated. Each time I have injected the needle I have frozen in fear of the process that all I can do is push in the med. What is the chance I am in a vein? Good question to ask the Rheumatologist tomorrow.

So relief another week down. Jacob happened to ask me this morning how much longer he needs these injections. I didn't have the heart to tell him for another two years. I said I don't know. So he then asked if we could maybe go three weeks in between shots. Sorry buddy, NO!

I will post tomorrow after we see the Rheumatologist.


Adrea said...

Wow. Shots. I never had to take those. Hi, I'm a new reader. When i was 5 i was also diagnosed with JRA in my right ankle. I had no idea at the time, but my mom noticed me walking funny. My ankle looked like Jocob's knee. I had an autopsy to diagnose it, and had a cast all throught kindergarten. I was on the same medicine he is taking i believe. I know the feelings of what he is going through, even though i was dismissed at age 10, i later had inflamation in the knee, and just very recently saw inflamation in my other knee. I am 16 now, but it is mostly gone.

I know it is scary for the parnets too, but everything i have read here, i completly relate to-- difference in bone lenght, being afraid. I know what he is feeling there.

I'm sorry to trouble you with my story i just thought you would like to know he is not alone out there, and neither are you. Stick with it. Having JRA made me a stronger person. I had blood drawn every week for 3 years, and other things. My personality became stronger after overcoming JRA. And it was mostly becasue of the support of my parents. Keep up the good work.

-Adrea, sympathetic reader.