Sunday, August 24, 2008

The end of summer

Wow I can't believe one more week until school. Summer went by wasy to fast! I can say this summer Jacob has done extremely well. The arthritis hasn't been an issue for him. We have been keeping up the same medication schedule. Methotrexate 17.5mgs and Humira shot every other week. He has been getting slightly better with the shot. He is still very anxious and says it hurts terribly. I still get very anxious knowing the day is coming when I have to do it! This Wednesday is the next shot.

This coming Thursday is The monthly Rheumatologist appointment. I am anxious for the appointment because what concerns me is that I still think the arthritic leg is longer than the other one. He is still walking with it slightly bent. How do you try to correct a child who is walking wrong?? Not that easily! The doctor had mentioned a few weeks back that he was developing scoliosis. It is very noticable to me now. If you look at him from the back you can see how one shoulder is higher than the other. I am wondering if the doctor will order a scan to measure the bone lengths.

I will post on Thursday about the appointment. The next eye appointment, if anyone is wondering is September 17th.

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Erika said...

I will be thinking of you guys on thursday! I am glad that Jacob has been able to celebrate summer like a young boy should, out running, playing & even getting hurt from his adventures!!

Thank you for your guidance for me on the MTX oral vs. sub-q injections. Appreciate that!

Take care, have a great week!

Erika said...

PS My mom now reads your blog but she wont comment :) But we talk about Jacob, so you have to Pacific NW readers, but I know there are more, they just arent commenting!

LEslie Bradner said...

I am always checking in on the blog but don't always comment since we use the email too. It is so nice to have some relief from the jra and feel like it dominating your and your child's life. Whew!! Do be a normal kid. :) We will be praying about his appt. on Thursday and anxious to hear what the doctor says.

Take Care and enjoy the final days of summer.