Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24, 2008 Rheumatology appt.

We are about 7 months into the recent flare up. We recieved good news again. Jacob's knee is "almost" there. The only issue we have with it right now is that he cannot bend it completely closed. The doctor thinks it is just muscle tightness. He wants him to try to stretch it every night. The inflammation is pretty much cleared. He isn't complaining of any other joint soreness.
So the plan remains the same. Keep on the current medications. So two great appointments the last couple of weeks. The next rheumatology appointment is in 4 weeks. It will be right before school starts.


AlekonaB said...

That is good i hope His knee gets feeling better.Have a good rest of the summer.


Erika said...

Whoo hoo! Keep stretching Jacob! The good news keeps coming in, we love to hear it!! :)

AlekonaB said...

Hi i know i have already left a comment here but i just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Hope Jacob keeps feeling better.


Dana said...

This is very excellent news!! :)