Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rheumatology appt.

Jacob saw the rheumatologist this week. The doctor didn't like the way his knee looked. It is still inflammed and has active arthritis going on. The knee is still very hot. It is also in a contracture which we have been working on in PT. He was also fitted for a splint on Monday. He is supposed to wear it for about six hours a day. It actively tries to straighten his leg. He hasn't complained much about wearing it. The rheumatologist put him back on indocin along with the methotrexate. It is the anti inflammatory to try to get the swelling under control. He has to go back to see the doctor in 3 weeks. The doctor mentioned that we may have to do a cortisone injection. Remember, this is what we initially set out to do back in March before the synovectomy. The synovial membrane grows back in about 4 weeks after the surgery, which it is about 4 weeks now. So if the arthritis is still active he will schedule an injection. Never ending!