Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Rheumatologist appointment

Today we went to see DR. Lopez. This is the first visit since the surgery. I discussed the issues with the doctor about the not eating and anxiety Jacob has had since the surgery. Things seem to be getting better so we are going to give it a couple of more weeks. We also discussed the possibility of the Methotrexate causing the sleeping issues. He said it is a extremely rare side effect but it doesn't mean it is not from it. He didn't want to stop it just yet because there was a significant amount of inflammation in his knee. I mentioned again to him that I see JAcob holding his fingers a lot. He checked the right wrist and fingers and Jacob felt discomfort in his right wrist. He said that his middle finger, especially looked like it was not closing in his fist very tightly. Jacob also said that his fingers were sore when he was pressing on them. The rheumatologist said we may have to move on to the drug Humira. This is in injection form which he will get every other week. They took a bunch of labs today on him. We are going to return in 2 weeks. Dr. Lopez will decide then if we will be switching meds. I am hoping that now that more joints are involved that the diagnosis will not be changing from pauciarticular to polyarticular. The polyarticular is a more severe typr of arthritis that can more than likely last into adulthood.

School is coming along this week. So far so good. 1/2 days everyday this week. I told his teacher today about the finger and wrist involvement. This may explaine the messy writing now, as well as the soreness playing guitar hero!

I guess two steps forward two steps back today! Pray that this will be the end of the new joint involvement.