Friday, April 4, 2008

opthamology appointment

Yesterday we went to see Dr. Foster. The appointment well aside from having to wait 2 hours to be seen with a very overtired nine year old. Jacob's eye's were clear! There were no cells present at all! His right eye pressure was at 13 the left they could not get. The reading was normal. So the next step is to stop the drops and wait. He is to return to see the doctor in 6-8 weeks.

So overall physically Jacob has gotten all good reports. The knee is doing well, the eyes are great but mentally Jacob is having a very rough time. After Tuesday he wasn't able to go into school the rest of the week. He has been very anxious from all of the stuff going on and has had a very difficult time sleeping. A couple of night's he didn't fall asleep into the early morning hours. Another thing that we have been dealing with is that he doesn't want to eat. I have been on the phone with the pediatrition discussing how long this can go on. He is hardly eating or drinking. Tonight I finally got him to eat a Trix yogurt and drink some of an ensure drink. I had to force him to drink some. Tomorrow I am going to check back with the doctor to let them know how he is tonight. I think he has lost more than at least 6 pds. Tonight is the methotrexate dose. Tomorrow he will definitely not want to eat.

Jacob started physical therapy tonight too. His left knee measured about 1 inch bigger around at the top and the lower about 1/2 an inch. The PT did a lot of stretching. He also tried to do the bike. He was only able to go a half rotation. I think he is going to be very sore. We also stopped the anti-inflammatory on Wednesday to see if maybe it was causing some of the issues he is having.

I stopped into school this afternoon too and spoke to his teacher. I just updated her on what has been going on. The kids signed another card for him. It made him very happy to read it. They are all hoping for him to come back. I also got his report card. He did very well considering the major distrations this term! I am so proud of him. If he could just learn those multiplication tables now.....