Friday, April 11, 2008


The end of a very long week! Just wanted to say Jacob has made it through two full days of school! Yay! He had a very good day today, despite not falling asleep until midnight. It is killing me but he seems fine with it! He even was able to go on the bus this morning. Not very willingly because he hates the bus, but easier for me to not have to leave work to drive him. He also had physical therapy this afternoon. It was his third time. He already getting much more range of motion. He is very sore on the stretching exercises but toughs it out, except for a few very loud hollers!

The hospital called today to let us know the bloodwork was fine except for the sed/esr rate. It was 33, which is elevated. This test is a marker of inflammation it could be high because of the surgery or the JRA itself. I am not sure what it was in January I think If I remember to ask in two weeks I will check.

Jake's fingers were really bothering him tonight. While he was playing guitar hero in his room I could hear banging he was banging the guitar on the floor in frustration because his fingers hurt. So off that went. He does have a temper at times!

The methotrexate dose was given tonight. This will be the week to tell if it is what's causing the sleeping trouble. It seemed to begin on the last two Sundays. So we'll see what comes of Sunday night!