Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back to school

Jacob made it back to school today! He woke up today and immediatly started saying he couldn't go back today. It was a struggle to get him up and going. He did manage to sleep well last night but I had to wake him to go. I wasn't giving in because I knew that his anxiety would continue to get worse as the days went by, He was very nervous. I was able to drive him in a little early and bring him up to his classroom. His teacher had a great talk with him before the kids came in. She assured him that they would do everything to make it a comfortable and easy day for him. He stayed for about 3 hours. I picked him up right before lunch. He was tired and his eyes were burning. But he did it! He was very glad to go today. Tomorrow he only goes from 12:45 - 3:00. He is not going to do the state testing so he will go in after the test. We decided that he wasn't feeling well enough mentally and physically to sit through a long testing. It would of just added to the stress for him. Stress we don't need right now! As far as the burning eyes.. I sincerely hope it's not the uveitis. He has complained off and on lately that his eyes hurt. He is still on the once a day eye drops. Thursday is the Eye appointment we will see.