Friday, August 7, 2009


Never a dull moment... For about the last month or so ago, I have noticed that Jacob has been sounding a little stuffy. His voice sounded a little different. Off and on , he had been having issues eating. He would choke occasionally on food. About two weeks ago he started to sound really bad. I looked into his throat and saw his tonsils were huge!! I called the pediatrician. His dad took him in the the pedi and the doctor was worried about his airway closing. HE was almost going to admit him into the hospital but the local ENT agreed to see him right away. The ENT decided to try to put Jacob on Augmentin for 10 days and have him back to recheck.

This past Wednesday I took him back for the recheck. Jacob still didn't sound very good. The ENT is thinking at this point it would be a good idea to have his tonsils removed. We decided it would be best if he was to go to Boston to have his surgery. The office tried to set up the consultation at the hospital but the PEDI ENT was on vacation until next Tuesday.

Tonight, Friday night, Jacob seems to have gotten worse. He was choking on even soft foods. I called the ENT back and he put him on Augmentin again and also prednisone. The doctor didn't think the pred would do much but it is worth a try because he is having so much trouble right now.

So we wait to hear back for a date for the consultation in Boston.