Thursday, August 13, 2009

rheumatology appointment

Today Jacob had his routine rheumatology appointment. I am happy to say all good reports today! His joints looked wonderful! Actually even better than usual because he has been on steroids for the past week for his tonsils. Almost every joint was perfect. His left knee still has a little limitation to it, but nothing to stress over. He feels great and looks great!!

While we were there today we discussed the ongoing tonsil issue. Jacob has been on the prednisone for the past week and also on Augmentin. His tonsils looked pretty good today. The meds seem to be helping. A few weeks ago when he was originally placed on Augmentin, he seemed to improve. Two days off of the antibiotic his tonsils were back to square one. I don' t know if the steroids maybe did the trick now or what. He will be off both meds in a few days so time will tell.

The rheumatologist would still like Jacob to be looked at by the ENT, at the hospital in Boston. He is scheduled there on September 17th. She feels as though we need to be sure if he really needs them out. He is a high risk for surgery due to him being immune suppressed. He would need to be off his arthritis meds for at least a few weeks during the surgery time. This would risk a flare up.

I also asked the doctor about the new warnings on the TNF inhibitors. The Humira specifically. The chances of malignancy from these meds is very minimal. The reality of it is that these drugs have been a miracle to say the least for so many kids. It is a risk but the benefit definitely outways the risk. The Humira is saving my son's vision. I think of what would of happened if it wasn't for this med. Uveitis is such a serious disease that still blinds people to this day.

As I said time will tell what is going to happen with his tonsils. For right now we will enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation!