Thursday, August 20, 2009

End of summer vacation

How cute is he? Who can believe summer vacation is ending! The kids go back to school on September 2. Jacob will be going into 5th grade this year. He is going to a new school. He is getting pretty excited! I, am a little nervous for the change for him.

I know that we are very lucky Jacob's arthritis has been generally very mild. (If you forget the huge knee surgery he needed for the very advanced arthritis in his knee.) He has been well controlled in general now. I read a lot on the Juvenile arthritis message boards and I see many of the kids are not so lucky. There are kids who suffer daily with pain from this disease. I pray that Jacob keeps on responding to the medications and doesn't go down that route again. In case he does though, I want the school to be prepared. I want the school to be informed ahead of time so if something pops up they will understand his limitations.

Oh, a tonsil update: We are still waiting for a consult at the hospital in Boston. Jacob just finished a week of steroids and another 10 days of an antibiotic this past weekend. Guess what happened? Within a few days his tonsils swelled huge and he is struggling to eat and talk again! I am probably going to call the pedi tomorrow and have him seen to probably start him on another round of steroids. Ah yes September 17th can't come quick enough. Speaking of school issues, surgery in the first month of it might be a problem.


Stacey said...

Oh I know how you feel regarding school! School started for us last week and J's teacher had NO IDEA she has JRA & uveitis. Last year the district nurse and I created a care plan for Jordan. I updated all the current meds and sent it back to the nurse who said she was going to send it to her new teacher and the school nurse but never did. Not a good way to start the year!

I hope Jacob has a great year and NO FLARES!!!! Good luck with the upcoming surgery. I'll keep an eye out for an update on how he's doing.