Monday, August 24, 2009

Preparing for surgery..again


We were able to get into see the Pediatric ENT at Tufts Floating Hospital in Boston today. We got the news we were expecting to hear. Jacob needs surgery. He needs his tonsils out. I think this is definitely for the best now. He is not getting any better. His tonsils as well as his lymph nodes are swollen. Jacob also let the doctor look into his throat with a camera today and the doctor said he has some regrowth of his adenoids as well. Jacob had his adenoids removed when he was one. Lucky him, he gets to have them removed for a second time. The camera also shows that he has a deviated septum as well.

The surgery is going to be scheduled within the next couple of weeks, whenever we can get clearance from the rheumatologist for how long he needs to be off his immune suppressants. We have to be extra careful in doing this surgery on him because of the risks his meds bring. He will have to be admitted for the night at the hospital to be watched for bleeding.

We should know by Wednesday when the surgery will be. Next week school starts, bad timing! The doctor said he will have to be out of school for at least 10 days following the surgery. He will have to stay off his arthritis meds for a while after surgery too. I pray that this will not cause a flare up!


Anonymous said...

So sorry to see Jacob has to have surgery again. So scary having to take him off his meds. during this time. You poor thing. Like you and he haven't had enough to deal with. I hope his new school will be very cooperative and helpful. Are you going to have to take off work for the full 10 days or is grandma going to help out so you can work some? No wonder you feel overwhelmed. My head would be spinning if I were you. You are such a super mom dealing with your three boys and then with Jacob and all his disease throws at you continually. You are truely amazing. Hang in there. Leslie