Monday, April 27, 2009

Rheumatology appointment

We went to see the rheumatologist today on an emergency visit. We went in to check out Jacob's hip. He woke up slightly better today but still needed crutches to walk any distance. He had his hips and ankles xrayed. The doctor believes it is just a really bad strained muscle. The xray showed no arthritis present. Thank God!!

He had his ankles xrayed to check out the issue he had a few weeks ago with them. We have not got the results from those yet.

Tonight, he seems to be doing much better! Hopefully back to normal tomorrow!


Dana said...

Hi! Yes, we had a bit of a set back with Mia. I think we just missed each other, too! How funny! Did you go to Chelmford or Boston? We are back in Boston again for the next several visits until this flare is over. Thank you for your kind words! They are greatly appreciated!!


Dana said...

BTW, looks like Mia is going to have to have her knee drained on Monday and steroids injected. Any advice/tips? What about side effects?? I spoke with one mom while waiting to get Mia's blood work done. Her daughter (also named Mia) has had the procedure done twice. She said her daughter had a "moon face" for about a month afterwards?? I've never heard of that. All of this is completely new to us. Help!

Thank you!

Jacob's Mom said...

We were in Boston and saw Dr. Miller. Have you seen her at all? A like her a lot too. We have been seeing her mostly lately.

That is good Mian is having her knee drained and the steriod injection. Those work great and clear the flare within days. Jacob did great when he had it done before . He was out playing that afternoon. He had no side effects from them at all. He never got the moon face. I wouldn't think you would having a local injection. I dont know though. Good luck with everything. Sorry Mia is going through this again. Email me anytime.

take care. Joanne

Jacob's Mom said...

sorry for the typo on Mia's name! I don't know how to fix it!