Thursday, April 9, 2009

Foot/ankle pain???


Jacob did wake up this morning in a lot of pain. I called the rheumatologist to see if she was in the local office today and she was!! I dismissed Jacob from school this afternoon and took him in to check out his ankle. The doctor found his left Achilles tendon to be all inflammed. Tendonitis. She wondered if he had hurt It. I didn't remember anything causing it. So Jacob was put back on naproxyn for a few weeks as needed. Also, she said for him to put in a soft insert in his shoe to help with the pain. If after a few weeks it is still bothersome we have to go back to the doctor. I think sometimes this can be related to the JRA. Hopefully it is not and it will clear quickly!

This morning:

I don't know if I mentioned Jacob has been complaining of foot pain off and on. Yesterday morning he woke again limping and complaining of his heel hurting. He went off to school okay. When he got home from school he went outside to play and I could see he wasn't bending his ankle on his left while he was running. It was obvious he was trying not to move or step a certain way. When he came in from playing, he was limping really bad, and needed to soak in a hot tub. Last night was the Humira shot. I am hoping that him being due for the shot will make a difference. If not I may have to call the doctor to get in to see them sooner.