Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Okay I am a bad mom. No Easter pics this year!! I forgot to buy batteries for the camera! That is on my list. The boys did have a nice Easter. They are all sugared up for the week now. haha

I just wanted to update a little on Jake's ankle. He has been on the naproxyn for a few days now. It doesn't seem to be doing much. I also put in a gel insert in his shoe to see if it would help minimize the pain when he is walking. Or should I say running. Try to get him to rest up is nearly impossible. I just don't see how this is going to get better if he won't sit still. He played outside for quite awile this afternoon. He came in and asked for another "pill" because it hurts too much. He is limping like crazy. He has changes his entire gait again. Walking now on his toes. I can see it more when he is bare foot. Can you physical therapy in our future again?

Another thing... Anyone whose child is on Naproxyn or another anti-inflammatory med notice any mood changes? I don't know if you remembered but during last winter when Jacob was on Indocin his mood was awful!! I was not sure if it was the med or the flare itself. He seems to be getting moody and grouchy again. Maybe it is the pain? I don't know!!