Friday, April 17, 2009

Not feeling so good..

It has been a long week of illness. Jacob started with a cold last weekend and it is still here. Did I say still here? Oh still here and BAD! He missed two days of school this week, including today. When I thought he was getting better he got worse. I took him in for a strep test on Wednesday, thinking for sure it was strep. It wasn't. Just a virus. Today his lymph nodes are the size of apples! He has been living on ice cream and freeze pops. I don't know if he is having trouble fighting off the virus because of his medications. I am guessing having a suppressed immune system doesn't help! I called the pediatrician tonight to see what to do with the Methotrexate/chemo pills for tonight and the nurse spoke to the doctor and felt it was a good idea to skip them and let his body recover from the illness. Hopefully this won't affect his eyes or joints. This Wednesday is Humira night so I guess it will be good timing.