Monday, October 27, 2008

Two appointments, one day!

Today we left early this morning in what we thought was going to be just Jacob's orthopedic appointment. When we arrived at Floating Hospital in Boston at 10:30 this morning there was a very Full waiting room. When I was checking in with the receptionist I spoke to the receptionist in Rheumatology who was also checking patients in. I knew that the orthopedic doctor was very backed up so I asked if Dr. Miller, who is the other ped. rheumi could squeeze us in instead of seeing Dr. Lopez on Thursday and she was able to do it!

We saw Dr. Miller first. She is really nice. I really don't mind Jake seeing either doctor they are both very good. She said everything was looking really great. She didn't remember his entire history but when I mentioned the synovectomy she said oh ya it was the case that it was suspected to be PVS syndrome. Jacob's knee was one of those cases that was not in the ordinary description of what JRA looks like. (you may recall the biopsy and uncertainty of the MRI back in March). Anyway, she said he looks great today! The only concern is still the small leg length discrepancy and the crooked back. No obvious swelling anywhere. (thank God) I did ask why he was still limping occasionally after running and sitting for long periods. She said his knee will never be"normal" after all he has gone through. That is kind of discouraging for a nine year old.

We went off the take a scan o gram of his legs.

After the xray and waiting 2 1/2 more hours we saw the surgeon. (very long wait, busy man though!) Dr. Braun reviewed the xray and said it was only maybe a half an inch difference in length. Not much to be concerned about. It is to be watched very closely though. The left knee bone is still overgrown. The width is larger if you look at both knees. Again not much to be concerned with. The back on the other hand, is curving quite a bit. The doctor said this can happen because of the leg growth because of the JRA but the lengths are not that far off to do this. Jake's back could be a entire different issue.

We are scheduled just before Christmas to go back to both doctors. Xrays are going to be taken of his back then to review the scoliosis. The meds are to remain the same. Those are not going to be changed because Jake's eyes are running the show. These meds are still working to retrain his immune system for the complete two years to keep the uveitis at bay.