Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Visit with Dr. Foster

The Humira is doing it's job! Jacob's eyes remain clear today! Jacob did really well at his visit today. They were even able to check his pressure in his eyes. They haven't been able to get the reading for the past few visits, because he couldn't do the test. He is very sensitive to anything touching his eyes. The pressure readings today were 13 in his right eye, 15 in his left eye. Well within normal range. I asked the fellow today why it is so important to check the reading when he is off all steroid drops and his eyes are clear. He said that scarring can occur in the eyes from the damage the uveitis could of done initially. So his eyes will still need to be checked for glaucoma each visit. Return visit in 8 weeks!


Erika said...

WHOOO HOOO!!!!!! Fantastic days for Jacob & Charlotte! Love it !! I love our schedule, 4 weeks for us, 8 weeks for you - that means December for you all - doesnt that seem forever from now!? Amazing huh!?

Well congrats, I am so happy for him!!!