Saturday, October 25, 2008

A little stomach bug

I didn't think I would be posting until after the orthopedic appointment on Monday. I figured I would fill you in on last night's excitement. Yesterday, when I picked Jacob up at school he was complaining of his stomach hurting. I knew the night was going to be fun. At about 6:00 he started vomitting. The stomach bug has hit. From six until about 1 o'clock this morning he laid with me in bed and threw up every half an hour or so. I was getting worried that he would get dehydrated. He didn't thank God! He is doing better today but still quiet and not eating. I held off giving him his methotrexate last night because I was worried that it would make his stomach hurt and feel worse. I was going to give it today but he is still not feeling well so I decided to skip it. I hope it doesn't cause any issues. Hopefully he is on the mend today!