Sunday, October 5, 2008

finger pain

Over the past week or so I had noticed Jacob holding his fingers a lot. While waiting for the bus, I asked him one morning last week if they were hurting him. At first, he said no. I started to bend them to see if I would get a response. As I was doing this he pointed out a few fingers that were very sore. I asked him if they hurt at school he said they did when he used a certain pencil. I let his teacher know that he has complained about his fingers and asked her to keep an eye on him. When I picked Jacob up from school on Friday he said his teacher gave him a pencil grip. He was very happy and said his fingers didn't hurt today!! (thanks Mrs. P-E!!)

It is so funny, well not really funny, that he was in pain and didn't say a word about it until I brought it up. Once again an example of how a child learns to live with chronic pain. :(

Just yesterday, I brought the kids to a park and Jake was running around playing and decided to go across the monkey bars. I could see he was struggling and when he jumped down he immediately grabbed his fingers. He said that they hurt badly.

The rheumatologist appointment is in a few weeks. I am curious to see what he thinks.
It is tough to see this happening because it is going on despite the heavy duty medications he is on. I don't know what the doctor would do about it. I don't know what he could change. So basically a nine year old has to live with chronic pain???
I think the right fingers look a little swollen

What a frustrating disease!


LEslie Bradner said...

A nine year old should not have to live with chronic pain and it is sad that they just become use to it. :( Poor dude, I hope he can get some relief soon. I know it is hard because as the parent you have to be on guard all the time watching for signs of issues developing. Hang in there and maybe this won't develop into something big. Thinking and praying for you. Leslie

Jodie said...

I hope the rheumy can help out with his finger pain, brave little boy you have there.
Thanks for sharing your story, I stumbled on it when searching for info on joint injections a while ago (my daughter has JRA too).