Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008

May is here, hopefully some good news will come with some nice spring weather! It is still a little cold out today though! I just wanted to give a quick physical therapy update. Jacob has been going to therapy since after his surgery. We have been trying to make 2x a week. Jacob's therapist's name is Melanie. She has been unbelievable working with him. She has a tremendous amount of patience with him. We couldn't of got a better match for him. He really likes her and I think he enjoys teasing her. When he started with Melanie his leg was pretty stiff from the surgery. He couldn't even do a rotation on the bicycle. His progress up until today has been wonderful. I think it was a great idea to start him on the splint too. His leg is looking pretty straight tonight. If he could just retrain his leg to walk normally I think he would be there. He still is walking with the knee bent. His quad muscle shows that. So much atrophy has taken place. I am hoping by the next time we see the Rheumatologist he will hopefully have enough improvement that he doesn't need the cortisone injection. I think the knee is a little less hot tonight too. The only other thing is that he has been complaining about his fingers hurting. They are sore on both hands. I am hoping the indocin will help them. So much medication, but if it works it will be very worth it. p.s. cross your fingers... no coughing for two days!!!!