Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Very scary drive, but good news!

We just got home from Dr. Foster's appointment. It is snowing heavily outside and the drive was a nightmare! I am glad we made it back safely!

The nice thing about braving the elements today was that Dr. Foster's office was very quiet. There must of been cancellations. We were out of there so quick today.

Jacob's eyes still remain quiet. It is six months of quiet. His eye pressures were 16 today in both eyes. Well within normal range! Jacob did great with the pressure test. He is finally comfortable with the procedure.

I finally remembered to ask Dr. Foster today if Jacob needed to take pre-medication antibiotics before dental work and he said it was a good idea. The medications he is on to fight his jra and uveitis are immune-suppressants, there for we need to be sure he doesn't contract a bacterial infection during dental treatment. The risk is small, but it is worth being cautious.


Amy Cunningham said...

SOOO glad to hear you guys had good news today! I cannot wait for the day that Jenna isn't afraid of having her pressures checked.

Erika said...

tell me more about "dental treatment" - what does that mean exactly, is that something I need to keep in the back of my mind?

Yay for GREAT checkups!!!